NVDA Lesson 7.5: Editing Text

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Here's the finished story with all of your corrections.

Once upon a time in the whimsical land of Flutterville, there lived a talking butterfly named Buzzy. Buzzy was a chatty insect who could gossip with the flowers and have debates with the birds. One sunny day, Buzzy decided to teach a group of caterpillars how to do the butterfly dance, causing a hilarious fluttering fiasco in the meadow. Buzzy's antics became legendary in Flutterville, where the flowers now held regular comedy nights just for Buzzy's stand-up routines, making Buzzy the most popular insect in town. As the sun set, Buzzy and the entire meadow joined together for a grand dance party, where even the stars couldn't resist twinkling in rhythm to Buzzy's laughter-filled tunes.


What is the best way to proofread your work?

Why proofread at all? My work is the best!

Use your arrows and control button to navigate through the text and identify errors.

Just delete everything and start over.