NVDA Lesson 7.6: Editing Text

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Time for Inputting Text

Now that we have worked on skills for navigating text to look for errors, in other words proofreading, let's input our own text in some edit fields.

What You Need to Know

To navigate to the next edit field, press the e key. Again, to navigate to the previous edit field, press the shift + e key.

You will hear NVDA say "edit field", at which point you need to press the enter key to enter the field. You will hear a "chime" which means you have entered the field and can now start writing your text.

Once you are finished writing, you will hit the escape key. You will hear another "chime" noise, which means you have exited the edit field.

Let's Try It

Please write your name in the field below:

Please write the word "banana" in the field below:

Please write a sentence about your day in the space below:

Let's Add in Some Editing

Listen carefully to all of the instructions:

Task 1: Write the word "train" in the space below:

Now, can you please return to the edit field above where you wrote train, and change ONLY the first letter to the letter b: Note: remember how to navigate character by character. You only need to delete one letter, not the entire word.

Task 2: Write the sentence "I want some ice cream." in the space below:

Now, using your navigational skills, change ONLY the word "want" to "have". Note: you only should be deleting one word, not the entire sentence. Remember how to read word by word.

Task 3: Write the following sentence in the space below. "It is time to party."

Now, change "It is" to "It's."

Oh yeah, and can you change the period to an exclamation mark.

Oh, I forgot, one last thing. Change "party" to "learn".

Nice Work!

Let's finish with a riddle.

How do you fix a cracked pumpkin?

Take it to the doctor.

A pumpkin patch

A 1st aid kit