NVDA Keyboard Commands

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Keyboard Commands

The NVDA screen reader uses a combination of Windows and NVDA specific keyboard commands. The NVDA key is either "insert" if "desktop" layout was selected during setup, or "caps lock" if "laptop" layout was selected during setup.

NVDA specific commands will take the form of NVDA key + another key to carry out an action. For example, NVDA key plus down arrow starts continuous reading beginning with the current location of the cursor.

NVDA Reading Commands

Action Command
Pause/resume reading Shift key
Stop speech Control key
Read previous or next character Left or Right Arrow
Read the previous or next word Control key + left or right arrow
Read previous line Up arrow
Read next line Down arrow
Read current line NVDA key + up arrow
Read previous or next paragraph Control key + up Arrow or control key + down Arrow
Say All NVDA key + down arrow

Editing with NVDA

Action Command
Copy Control + c
Cut Control + x
Paste Control key + v
Undo Control + z
Select one character to the left or right Shift + left arrow or shift + right arrow
Select one word to the left or right Control + shift + left arrow or control + shift + right arrow
Select until beginning or end of line Shift + home or Shift + end
Select all Control + a

Browsing the web with NVDA

Action Command
Open a new tab Control + t
Switch between tabs in the same window control + tab
Close the current tab Control + w
Close a window or program alt + F4
Select a link Enter key
Open links in a new tab Control + enter

Quick Navigation Keys with NVDA

Action Command
Next or previous radio button r or shift + r
Next or previous button b or shift + b
Next or previous combo box, list box, or tree view c or shift + c
Next or previous edit box e or shift + e
Next or previous form field f or shift + f
Next or previous graphic g or shift + g
Next or previous heading h or shift + h
Next or previous list l or shift + l
Next or previous item in a list i or shift + i
Next or previous link (visited or unvisited) tab or shift + tab; k or shift + k
Next or previous visited link v or shift + v
Next or previous unvisited link u or shift + u
Next or previous table t or shift + t
Next or previous checkbox x or shift + x
Turn on/off Browse mode NVDA key + space

Informational and Menu Commands

Action Command
Say window title NVDA key + t
Access NVDA Settings NVDA key + n
Quit NVDA NVDA key + q
Start NVDA & Windows OCR function NVDA key r
Access the context menu Shift + F10 or applications key