ChromeVox Lesson 2: Headings

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[Quick reminder to continue using what you learned in lesson 1 as you work through this and all future lessons]


It's about time to address the elephant in the room. Have you heard ChromeVox read "Heading level 1 or 2 or 3" as you've been navigating through these pages? That's because webpages are organized using headings. They organize information from the big idea, to information that supports the big idea.

A Heading 1 is used for our big idea. For example, heading 1 on this page says the lesson title. This is the big idea, or main focus of this page.

A heading level 2 will take that big idea and break it into a smaller component. For example, think of a book. The cover has the title, or a heading level 1, but then the subsequent chapters in the book would be read as heading level 2.

A heading level 3 would organize even smaller ideas. Let's think of that book again. Let's pretend it's a textbook. I know, I know, ew! But hear me out. The cover would have the title, or heading level one. The chapters would be read as heading level two. And if there were subsections in those chapters, such as "introduction," "conclusion," or "vocabulary," these would be read as heading level three.

This pattern can continue until you reach heading level six.

To navigate to the next heading using ChromeVox, press search + h key. Try it now to reach the next heading.

Good work. Now press the down arrow.

You can also navigate to a previous heading. Do this by pressing search key + shift + h. Go on. Try it out! I'll wait here.

Grouping Headings

If you want to view all headings on a page at once, you can press the search + control + h keys. All available headings will be grouped together. Navigate the list by using your up and down arrows. Press enter on the one you wish to view.

Okay! Now let's try an activity. Navigate to the next heading by pressing the search + h key.

Got You! If you've landed here, I caught you. You only navigated to the next object, or line in this case. Come on, use that search and h key.

Sticky Mode

Here it is again. What did I say? Sticky mode would stick to us like glue during this course.

If you have sticky mode enabled, you will just need to press the h key to go to the next heading, and shift + h to go to the previous heading.

Number Navigation of Headings

The last point I want to cover is that you can navigate directly to a specific heading level. For instance, if you want to navigate directly to the next heading level 2, you will press search key + the number 2. For the next heading level 3, press the search key + the number 3. This holds true for heading levels 1 - 6.

This will be important as you move into the practice activity below.

Practice Activity

Your mission, should you choose to except it, is to find the hidden message spread across all of the headings below. But listen carefully, because as you hear each new clue, the navigation key could change, or the type of heading you are looking for may switch. Navigate to the next object to hear your first clue!

Clue: Use search + h key to find the next heading level three. Your 1st word of the mystery phrase will be waiting.

A baker's

Dozens: You found the 1st mystery word! Your next word is in the next heading level 2.

This is not a heading. This is static text. Static text is the lowest item in the order of information organization on a web page, it provides supporting information for whatever came before it in that section.

Chocolate chip cookies

With extra sugar and extra chocolate chips!

OF: Congratulations! You found it. Reminder, a heading level 1 is the topmost organizational element in a section on a web page. Navigate to the next object to hear the next clue.

Clue: Let's try something new. We are looking for a heading level 5, but, instead of using the search key and h key to find it, can you use the search key and number 5, located in the first row of keys above your top row of letters.



In the summer

In the water

Diving: Yes, you found it! You have discovered that you can navigate by specific level of organization. You can press any numbers 1 through 6 to get to that level of heading (if it exists) on a webpage. Navigate to the next line (search + down arrow) for your final clue.

Clue! Your final clue! You will need to use your search + h key to navigate through the following headings. Your final word is in the heading level that is not the same as the rest. Listen carefully! And once you find the final word, use your search key + down arrow for your last set of instructions.


Panda bears



I hope you kept track of all of the mystery words! Now it's time to put them all together for the correct phrase. Navigate by item to go through the choices and press enter on the correct option.

Answer Choices

Bakers play sports

Dozens of diving dolphins

Extra sugar of monkeys