ChromeVox Keyboard Commands

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ChromeVox Keyboard Commands

The ChromeVox screen reader uses the "search" or "launcher" key in combination with other key to complete many actions. These are called ChromeVox specific commands. The "search" key is located in the left most column of keys on the keyboard, and is above the shift key, to the left of the a key.

There are also a number of keyboard commands that work regardless of ChromeVox is on or off. These are called ChromeOS keyboard commands.
Together, ChromeVox commands and Chrome OS commands allow full non-visual access of the Chromebook.

General Commands

Action Command
Toggle on and off ChromeVox Control + alt + z
Turn on learn mode (hear names of keys and functions of different key combinations on your keyboard) Search + o, then press k
Turn off learn mode control + w
Open the launcher drawer Alt + shift + l
Go to the status bar Alt + shift + s
Hear a description of your current location Search + k
Change rate of speech Search + left bracket to increase, or search + shift + left bracket to decrease
Change pitch of voice Search + right bracket to Increase pitch; search + shift + right bracket to decrease pitch

Navigation Commands

Note: For the following commands, you can turn on something called "Sticky Mode" and avoid pressing search key for each shortcut. Quickly press the search key twice. You'll know it's on when you hear "sticky mode enabled." It will stay on until you press it again twice. Sticky Mode mimics if you were holding down the search key yourself.
Caution: When Sticky mode is enabled, commands specific to Google applications will not work. You will need to toggle Sticky mode off if you wish to use commands specific to Google applications. Additionally, to enter text into an edit field, you will also need to turn off Sticky Mode.

Element Command (previous) Command (Next)
Object Search key + left arrow Search key + right arrow
Item Shift + tab Tab
Line (does not apply within a text edit fields) Search + up arrow Search + down arrow
Navigate by character (does not apply within a text edit field) Search + shift + left arrow Search + shift + right arrow
Navigate by word (does not apply within a text edit field) Search + control + shift + left arrow) Search + shift + control + right arrow
Button Search + shift + b Search + b
Checkbox search + shift + x Search + x
Combo box Search + shift + c Search + c
Editable text area Search + shift + e Search + e
Form field Search + shift + f Search + f
Graphic Search + shift + g Search + g
Heading Search + shift + h Search + h
Link Search + shift + l Search + l
Visited link Search + shift + v Search + v
Table Search + shift + t Search + t
Go to top or bottom of page Top: Search + control + left arrow Bottom: Search + control + right arrow
Start reading from current location Search + r _____

Navigation in a Text Edit Field

For line, word, and character, when in a text edit field, (such as composing a Google doc or email), perform the following:

Element Previous Next
Line Up arrow Down arrow
Word Control + left arrow Control + right arrow
Letter Left arrow Right arrow

Grouping Elements

  • Heading: list of headings on the web page. [search + control + h]
  • landmark: list of landmarks on the web page. [search + control + ;].
  • Link: list of links on the web page. [Search + control + l]
  • Form controls: list of buttons or forms on a web page. [search + control + f]
  • Table: list of tables on the web page. [search + control + t]

Web Interaction

Action Command
Open a new window Control + n
Open a new tab Control + t
Close current tab Control + w
Close current window Shift + control + w
Open file in browser Control + o
Reopen the last window or tab you closed Shift + control + t
Go to address bar control + l
Go to next or previous tab Control tab, or control + shift tab
Go to previous or next page in your browsing history Alt + left arrow or alt + right arrow
Click Enter

Informational Commands

Action Shortcut
Open ChromeVox Options Search + O, then press o again
Here title of current page Search + a, then press w
Here url of current page Search + a, then press u
Here the current date and time Search + a, then press d
Here current battery level Search + o, then press b
Acces the status bar Shift + alt + s
Open the ChromeVox context menu Search + m

ChromeVox Menu

To activate the ChromeVox Menu press search + period. Use left and right arrows to move between the menus. Use up and down arrows to navigate options in each menu.

  • Search: type into the bar to find a list of results from any of the ChromeVox menus.
  • Jump: list of all of the ChromeVox shortcuts.
  • Speech: list of speech shortcuts that includes how to increase or decrease the speech rate and pitch.
  • Tabs: List of all of your open tabs.
  • ChromeVox: list of several ChromeVox shortcuts that includes the ChromeVox tutorial and learn mode.
  • Actions: List of touch-specific options.