ChromeVox Lesson 3: Links

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Those crazy dolphins! Welcome to the practice with links page.

Links are what make the internet so expansive!

One page goes to another, and another, and another, and so on! You've already been interacting with links through these lessons. Have you noticed ChromeVox say "link" as it reads your answer choices? You are pressing enter on a link to the page associated with that word or phrase.

There are several ways of navigating through links.

First, you can use your tab key to navigate link to link. You will notice that this is the same command for navigating to the next item. So, you will interact with elements that are not links, as well as links.

TRY IT: Press the tab key. Listen. Press enter. Follow the link.

Example 1

Second, you can also press search key + l to navigate to the next link or search + shift + l to navigate to the previous link. .

TRY IT: Press the search and l keys. Listen. Press enter. Follow the link!

Example 2

If you have visited a page in the past, odds are that you interacted with one or more links on that page. ChromeVox will read these previously visited links as "visited link". You can easily navigate to these visited links by pressing the search and v keys. This can be helpful when you frequently visit the same page and interact with many of the same links.

TRY IT: press the search and v keys. ChromeVox should take you to the two links you followed from above.

Grouping Links

To view a list of all available links on a page, regardless if they are visited or not, press search + control + l. This will produce a list of all links on the page. Use your up and down arrows to navigate through the list. Press enter on the link you want to visit.

Try It: Press search + control + l. Use your arrows to go through the links. Locate the "example 3" link. Press enter. Come back to this page. To exit the list of links, press escape.

Example 3

Sticky Mode

When Sticky Mode is enabled, you will just press l to navigate to the next link, shift + l to go to the previous link, v to go to the next visited link, and shift + v to go to the previous visited link.

The Activity!


Read the silly story below. When you get to a link, press enter to follow the link. Find the mystery number, and come back to finish reading the story. Once you collect 3 numbers, select the correct code from the answers at the bottom of the page.

The Story

Once there was a dragon who wanted to get tacos from the local taco shop on taco Tuesday. But something always seemed to go wrong.

First, he waited patiently in line, tail tucked sweetly between his back paws. You know, taco chefs can occasionally be intimidated by spiky tails.

He scrubbed the grime from the folds of his wings. He even tried to gargle extra swimming pool water to get rid of the smokey aftertaste on his breath. But when he got to the counter to order, the lady turned the poor dragon away, saying "We don't serve dragons who don't wear shoes."

So our hungry dragon messaged his good pal Unicorn to go shopping and find some taco worthy shoes. And though it took some time, And even though the shoe salesman had to stitch together multiple pairs to create a shoe that would fit his non-human foot, he returned to the taco shop sporting some stylish new kicks.

Again he waited in line, dreaming of crunchy tortilla shells and spicy salsa. And again, the lady at the counter turned him away, saying "we can't serve customers who don't wear socks." with their shoes. Surely that's obvious."

So once again, and even more hungry now, the dragon sadly left the shop without crunchy tortillas or boats of spicy salsa, in search of a sock store.

Luckily, just 3 doors down from the taco shop was Sock Monster a very popular sock store. The salesperson was happy to help the dragon pick out some stylish socks that matched his shoes very well. Surely now he would be able to enjoy some tacos.

The hungry dragon waited in line, dreaming of that 1st bite of a juicy chicken taco, the melted cheese oozing down his muzzle. He was so excited he was bouncing with anticipation in his new shoes and socks. But when the dragon reached the counter, the lady turned him away once more, saying "we can't serve dragons who refuse to wear a shirt to lunch."

The dragon had never felt so sad. He had never felt so hungry. But he would not let the taco shop rules stop him from dreaming of a delicious lunch. But this time the dragon had some help from a fellow taco enthusiast.

A customer sitting in the taco shop had seen the whole fiasco. He saw the dragon turned away again and again, and felt so bad for him.

See, it had been cold that day. The customer, known as Frank, had warn a big sweatshirt to lunch, but sitting inside it was warm. And being a bigger fella, he thought maybe the sweatshirt would fit the hungry dragon, just a bit snug.

The hungry dragon was so thrilled to receive Frank's offer of the sweatshirt. He tucked into the green hoodie shyly. It matched his scales and the fringe in his socks. And he stepped up to the counter to order. This time all the lady had to say was "what can I get you today sir?"

Before You Go

Try pressing search + v to hear if ChromeVox takes you to any "visited links."

Now, what was the mystery code?

You can use your tab key or the search + l command to navigate between the links below.

25 36 47

20 40 50

22 33 44