ChromeVox Lesson 1.3: Intro to ChromeVox

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Yes, the launcher. I wonder if it can take us to outer space? Hmmmmm!!!

Back to the old grind, let's keep going!

Sticky Mode

Sticky mode is something we will talk about throughout this entire course. Broadly speaking, sticky mode refers to a state of ChromeVox in which you do NOT have to press the search key for every command.

To toggle sticky mode on and off, press the search key twice. You will hear "sticky mode enabled" or "sticky mode disabled."

Try it now! Turn it on!

What does this mean: it means instead of pressing search key + right arrow to move to the next object, you will just press right arrow. You will just press the down arrow to move to the next line instead of search key plus down arrow.

To turn off sticky mode, press search key twice again.

I must caution you though, you need to turn off sticky mode to input text into a text edit field.

Commands When Inputting Text

We will have an entire lesson on text editing, but until we get there, please keep the following in mind when inputting text into a text edit field.

  1. To navigate by letter: press the left or right arrow
  2. To navigate by word: press control + left or right arrow
  3. To navigate by line: press the up or down arrow
  4. To navigate by paragraph: press control + up or down arrow


Wow! We've covered a lot. Please feel free to come back to lesson 1 at any time when you need to refresh your skills. But here are the key takeaways.

  • We can navigate by object, item, line, and word when on a web page.
  • We can turn on sticky mode so that we don't have to hold down the search key for every command.
  • You must turn off sticky mode when inputting text into a text edit field.
  • When navigating through text in a text edit field, there are different commands for moving by line, word, and letter than when outside of an edit field.

Lesson Review

How do we turn on sticky mode?

Spill soda on our keyboard

Press the control button twice

Press the search key twice