ChromeVox Lesson 1.2: Intro to ChromeVox

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Shadows can be quite tricky like that, let's learn more about Navigation.

Sure, reading by object and item and line and all that good stuff is helpful, but what if you need to just navigate to the top or bottom of the page. Surely we don't expect you to navigate by object or item until you hopefully find the top? Nope!

To navigate to the top of our page, press search + control + left arrow.

Try It: Go to the top of this page. Pay attention to what you hear. And then come find me!

You found me

Great Work!

I bet you can guess how we get to the bottom of the page.

Did you guess search + control + right arrow? You are spot on!

Try It: Go to the bottom of this page and then navigate by object to find me again.

Me Again!

See what I did there? Please forgive my corny jokes.

Read All

Now, let's say you want to take your hands off the keyboard and just hear ChromeVox read from the location of your focus until the end of the page. Yes, you can do that. To do so, you'll press search + r. R for read!

If you were to try this now, you would hear ChromeVox continuously read all of this great information I have to offer until you reach the copyright notice.

Your choice whether or not you continue the lesson by using the read all command or by navigating by object, but there will be one more Try It section.

To pause speech at any time, just press and release the control button.

ChromeVox and ChromeBook Commands

There are 3 important commands as a ChromeVox user that we need to cover.

The Launcher: To access all the apps on your ChromeBook, you need to access the launcher drawer. When ChromeVox is turned on, the method of accessing the launcher differs. You will access it by pressing shift + alt + l. But, hold on one moment before you try this out.

Switching windows: Let's say you opened the launcher using the key command above. Well, you would need to get back to this web page. You would need to switch windows. And to do so, you would press alt + tab. This will go between windows. If you have more than 2 active windows, hold down the alt key as you press the tab key until you reach the desired window.

Status Bar: The status bar is a very important area on your ChromeBook. You can access notifications, date, wi-fi, battery level, etc. To navigate to the status bar, press shift + alt + s.

Try It:

Now it's your chance. Try navigating to the launcher or the status bar, or both, and then make your way back here. We've still got one last page in this lesson.

Quick Review

Where can we access all of the applications on the ChromeBook?

The Launcher

The status bar

Notification Center