NVDA Lesson 5: Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

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NVDA Lesson 5: Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

More elements! Aren't you excited?


Let's start with checkboxes. Checkboxes are used to indicate selection of one or more answers to a question.

To navigate to the next checkbox, we press the "x" key. When you hear a choice you want to select, press "Enter" or the space bar.

I bet you can guess how to navigate backwards through checkbox choices. Yep, "Shift + x".

Let's Practice

Below you will find several situations that could involve marking a checkbox. Try selecting 1 or 2 options from each question. Each question is a heading, so you can also practice your heading navigation skills. To go to each new question, you can press which letter? ? ? ? ? ? ? "h", exactly!

Sample Questions

Have you traveled to any of the following destinations?

Which days are you available?

What classes are you taking?

Radio Buttons

A radio button is a common way for users to make a single selection from a list of options. Only one radio button can be selected at a time. If you have one radio button selected, but then choose to make a new selection, when you make the new selection, the other button will automatically be deselected.

Use the "r" key to navigate to the next radio button. Use "Shift + r" to navigate to the previous radio button. Press "Enter" to select a radio button.


Sample Questions

What is your age?

Do you have any siblings?

What device are you currently using?

Final Review Question

What additional key do we press to navigate to the previous element?