JAWS Lesson 1: Intro to JAWS

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Greetings JAWS Users!

Is this thing on? Can you hear me?

Okay, whew! Great, this means you have JAWS enabled and we are ready to start.

PSSSST: pro tip, have your fingers on those arrows. For this page, that's how we'll be navigating the text.

The Basics

As you may have noticed, everything on this page is being read out loud. Well, that's the gist of a screen reader. It reads what's on the screen.


I know right! There's a bit more to it, but one step at a time!

You've made it here. So I'm guessing you've been using your down arrow. What do you think happens when you press the up arrow? Why don't you try and come back here. I'll wait

Yep, you hear the previous line. Now what happens if you press the right arrow?

Are you reading this letter by letter? Or in other words, character by character? That's what using the right arrow does, and if you press the left arrow, you read the previous character


Using what you've learned, can you tell me how many times you hear the letter e in the next string of nonsense?. You'll need to use your left and right arrows to move through the silliness.


What did you count? If you didn't end up hearing the letter e 4 times, use your up arrow to go back and repeat the activity. Otherwise, let's keep this train moving!

More work with arrows

To review, we've learned how to read the next and previous line, and the previous and next letter, but what about words? Or paragraphs?

To read word by word, hold the control button and press the right arrow. To read the previous word, hold the control button and press the left arrow.


In the following sentences there is a secret code. Can you find the hidden message. You'll need to navigate to the third word in each phrase. Put those words together and you'll discover the secret message! Don't forget to navigate word by word.

  • I teach clever students.
  • Tigers are cats, just bigger.
  • A soda can is fizzing.
  • He can count to over one million.

Did you find the secret phrase? Use your down arrow to navigate through your choices. The answer choices are all links, press enter on your answer to go to the next page!

Clever cats can count

Teach tigers soda count

I just can count