Typing Challenge Game!


This game is meant to challenge your knowledge of the keyboard, your accuracy, and your pure nerve! Do you think you can match the clock? Were you built with a need for speed? An itch to be quick? YES!?Then this is the game for you! You start with 60 seconds on the clock at Level 1. The faster and more accurate you are, the faster you can get to the next level, which gets harder and harder the more you play.

Tips and Tricks

  1. You will immediately be put into the game when you activate the Start Game button.
  2. You will get extra time if you're on a roll!! Every 5 correct challenges in a row will get you 5 extra seconds.
  3. When the timer hits 0, the game will end and you can review your scores.
    • If you decide to play again, get ready and GO!!!
    • If you select No, you will return to the Game Portal.
  4. If you need the challenge repeated, press Spacebar!