Galaxy Hopper Travel Schedule

Instructions: Greetings traveler. Please view our updated travel schedule below for trips to Jupiter, Ursa Major, Pluto, and The Big Dipper. Answer the following questions to make final travel arrangements for your upcoming excursion across the universe. Happy star hopping. Don't forget your super skills to navigate tables.

Destination: Earth Departure Time: Week Day Arrival Time: Earth Departure Time: Weekend Arrival Time:
Jupiter: Monday/Tuesday 8:30am local time Wednesday/Thursday 4:30pm local time Friday 3:00pm local time Sunday 11:00pm local time
The Big Dipper Tuesday/Thursday 10:30am local time Wednesday/Friday 1:00pm local time Friday 8:00am local time Saturday 10:30am local time
Pluto: Monday/Wednesday 9:00am local time Wednesday/Friday 9:00pm local time Friday 7:00am local time Sunday 7:00pm local time
Ursa Major: Monday/Tuesday 12:00pm local time Tuesday/Wednesday 10:30am local time Saturday 7:00am local time Sunday 5:30am local time