Welcome to the CSB Escape Room

Explore the Space

Can you find all the Puzzles?

These pages have been built to train and entertain, so please have fun.

How to play:

Use your screen readers navigation commands to explore these pages, find new things, solve the puzzles, and finally escape by completing the last task.

Remember that you can read the text by letter, word, or line.

There are always links at the bottom of the screen for you to review the commands and gestures used by the most common screen readers.


I can move faster then a cheetah,

I rush from left to right,

I fill up spaces which are dry,

and run all through the day and night.

What Am I?

Wait a minute, what was that?

That sounded strange; I think this may be your first puzzle!

Go back and explore the text you just found and when you are done, navigate to the correct answer below and select it to move on.

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Sleep A Cat Water