About SRT- The Screen Reader Training Site

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The SRT screen reader training site was produced to provide training materials to teachers, parents, and users of a wide variety of screen readers that run on current computers and mobile devices.

A screen reader is a type of assistive technology that is primarily used by people with visual impairments. It converts text, buttons, and other screen elements into speech, or it is output as braille on a refreshable braille device.

The site is intended to be used as a way to learn how to use or teach the use of common screen readers. By simply turning on a screen reader and following the instructions on the page, you can learn how to use these critical forms of assistive technology.

With that being said, these pages are living documents that can grow as time and technology change. Please contact us with any suggestions or comments by clicking the Contact CSB SRT link above.


Allison Mello
Assistive Technology Specialist

Max Avendano
Assistive Technology Specialist

Vanessa Herndon
Assistive Technology Specialist

Crystal Hurst
Assistive Technology Specialist